Cross Island, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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    An uninhabited island located in Mumbai harbour, India between the coast at Dockyard Road and Elephanta Island

About - Cross Island

How To Reach - One can drive from Dockyard Road, Wadi Bandar, Mazgaon to reach Cross Island (It is a 9 min drive)
Timing and other tourist information - It is open 24 hours
Type of tourist attraction - Island

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9:17 PM

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Current temprature- 28, Minimum - 27.27, Maximun - 28
sky is clear with humidity 73% and Wind speed of 3.13 mph (Measured at Bombay / Santacruz).

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    Ashwem beach situated south to the Arambol beach is another isolated beach in Goa where one can see vast stretches of sands until you arrive at a place that has some beach shacks and huts midway along the beach. There are a number of restaurants in the area that serve sumptuous seafood. The Goa Ashwem beach has its own idyllic charm and is quite appealing, as it is a very quiet and clean place. Even the waters are safe for swimming. In reality the coastline is one long, palm-fringed delight the powdery sands usually silver, occasionally dusted golden only interrupted from time to time by inlets, estuaries or headland. Whether secluded and peaceful or broad and lively, they exist for all to enjoy for none are private.To get around Ashwem it is best if one hires a bike, as the buses from Mapusa and Panjim are irregular. For accommodation there are some basic huts and tree houses in Ashwem

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    Arambol Lake is called Vagkolam, but among local residents and tourists it is best known as the Sweet Lake. It has the fame of the only fresh-water lake on a beach strip of Goa in close nearness to the Arabian Sea.The Goans consider it as national property with important historical value. And therefore as for Hindu the mythological sources often make up the historical, so the value of Arambol Lake is reduced to the following legend: Pandavas brothers, during the long expulsion, arrived to Arambol part of the Goan coast. It happened at midnight and all time they were singing the hymn “Khar Khar Makhadev", that’s from where came the name Kharmal, under the influence of the European languages it was transformed to Arambol. Makhadev is a reincarnation of god Shiva. And the lake is called Vagkolam because two centuries ago in caves nearby lived tigersIt is not the only legends, beliefs and curious stories that are turning round the Sweet Lake. For example, there are nearby clay blocks. The locals and tourists unanimously claim that this clay possesses magically health-improving properties. People moisten the pieces of clay in water, then coat their whole body with this suspension, wait some time until it dry well and at last wash it off with lake water. They say that this clay contains the sulphides that clearing skin deeplyAlso in jungle there is well-known banyan under which allegedly meditated the Beatles during their mysterious unconfirmed travel across India. This myth is used by enterprising locals. Now under the banyan it is always possible to find the elderly wise man spending time in a condition of a spiritual height. It is accepted to come to it with gifts – fruit and any trifles, to sit in a circle and to smoke “peace-pipe” waiting for comprehension of the highest enlightenment and wisdom. About the huge tree there is also a colony of hippie

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    Embark on this amazing adventure trip that provides you with an array of adventure activities especially for kids. Explore Goa like never before with friends and family.Feed your thirst for adventure with a mechanical bull ride and an ATV bike ride. Enjoy riding the beast on the natural track – smear mud while chilling with your buddies.Enjoy a delightful horse ride and cart ride – delight the trimmed clops of the hooves as the horse pulls you around.Indulge in activities like ATV Ride track of 1 km for 3Laps / 5Laps Balloon Shooting , Ring Game, Horse carting, Castle Jumping, Mechanical bull ride until 3 drops, Hill Horsing Riding up the hill.Ticket Charges/ Entry Fee -?500 per personTimings -10:00-10:30 11:00-11:30 12:30-13:00 13:30-14:00 14:30-15:00 15:30-16:00 16:30-7:00

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    Anjuna Flea Market, North Goa, Goa, India Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna, This iconic flea market was started in the year 1970, held every Wednesday during day time. This is Goa best market. Good place for shoping specially clothes. Price is very reasonable. You have bargaining exercise while shopping. Anjuna's weekly Wednesday flea market is as much part of the Goan experience as a day on the beach. More than three decades ago, it was conceived and created by hippies smoking jumbo joints, convening to compare experiences on the heady Indian circuit and selling pairs of Levi jeans or handmade jewellery, sculptures and jewellery courtesy of the Tibetan and Kashmiri traders; colourful Gujarati tribal women selling T-shirts; richly colourful saris, bags and bedspreads from Rajasthan; sacks of spices from Kerala. Apart from this it also has live performances Held from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM every Wednesday November - April

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    Anjuna Beach, North Goa, Goa, India Market road, Anjuna It is a Rocky beach that is home to several famous bars and beach shacks including Curlies.It is located about 18kms from Panaji and is situated in Bardez taluka. This is part of a 30 km stretch of beach coastline along the west coast of Goa by the Arabian sea that begins at Fort Aguada continues as Sinquerim Beach, then as Candolim Beach and merges into Calangute Beach and then to Baga Beach and then Anjuna Beach and then to Vagator Beach, finally ending at Chapora Beach and Chapora river and Fort. It has an unusual rocky formation overlying a cove of white sand and black rock that juts into the Sea. The Anjuna Beach is located beside the Anjuna village. The nightlife on Anjuna Beach is amazing. Scenic beauty and good location for photography. Nice sea view and also good location for photography place. Road connective is also good to this place.

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    Chapora Fort, North Goa, Goa, India Chapora Fort Rd, Chapora, Goa Chapora fort is located in northern Goa overlooking the Vagator beach and lies at a distances of about 10 kms from Mapusa. This fort is also known as Shahpura, which means 'town of Shah', was intended as a border watch post to oversee various Hindu raiders during the 17th century. The fort was built in 1612 and was besieged twice by Shivaji's son. The Chapora fort is a very popular tourist attraction of Goa, being situated close to the Vagator beach. From the fort one can get a commanding view of the Vagator beach, Ozran Beach, Morjim Beach and the mouth of Chapora river. The shooting of the Hindi bollywood movie Dil Chahata Hai was at the fort also added to the forts popularity. The fort has wide walls with ramparts over which one can walk and go around the fort. The walls are lined with arrow slits, gun ports and murder holes at regular intervals. The fort can be reached by road from Mapusa. To reach here one has to take the road branching to the right just two kilometers before the Vagator beach. A small road leads to the base of a hill atop which the fort lies. Tourists can also reach the fort by climbing the hill from Vagator beach.Chapora Fort, located in Bardez, Goa, rises high above the Chapora River. how to reach there The fort can be reached by road from Mapusa. To reach here one has to take the road branching to the right just two kilometers before the Vagator beach. A small road leads to the base of a hill atop which the fort lies. Tourists can also reach the fort by climbing the hill from Vagator beach. to do things near Chapora Fort : Visit Vagator Beach, Fishing, Picnics at the beach Best time to visit this place is in between 9am to 11am, Fort open at 10am. Sunday - Saturday, 6 AM - 10 PM

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    Vagator Beach, North Goa, Goa, India Vagator beach road Vagator Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in north Goa. It is located in Bardez taluk of Goa about 21 km northwest of Panaji. Vagator beach is clean and quiet. Vagator is split into two as it is separated by a headland. When you stand on the headland facing the sea, the beach on your right is the Big Vagator Beach or North Vagator Beach and the beach on the left is Ozran Beach which is popularly known as Little Vagator Beach. You can do many things there is disco valley and shopping market every wednesday. A part of Vagator Beach, known as Disco Valley, is the best place for party lovers in Goa. There are a few famous open air clubs that attract lots of people to the beach that are located in Disco Valley. A flea market is held near the beach every Wednesday. If you are looking for clothes, antiques, jewelry or mementos, then the flea market is the best place. Don’t forget to haggle as it is accepted.The views are breathtaking from the parking area. Beach is vast with lots of open area to play and walk. This beach is famous for its rave parties which keep on going till the wee hours of the night.This place is also known for Vagator’s Thalassa – on the cliff overlooking Ozran Beach which sells yummy Greek food. Just 30 km from Vagator is another beautiful beach  ARAMBOL. Its not a very much known popular beach but can make for a good evening walk. One can easily reach by private taxi to this place.Visiting Time :  All Days of the Week 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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    Church of St Anthony, North Goa, Goa, India Duler-Marna-Siolim Rd, Aguad Siolim Road, Duler-Marna-Siolim, Kudal, Siolim, Goa 403517 The semi circular shaped Church is one of the oldest churches built by Alfonso de Albuquerque (Portuguese warrior) as a tribute to St Anthony (the national Portuguese saint). It was built in 17th century. The Chapel of St. Anthony was established around 1580 by the Portuguese. You will be able to see parts of the earlier temple on which it has been built. The lake still exists in front of the chapel that was used for absolution earlier. The Jesuits first erected a church dedicated to St. Miguel, after the construction of Orlim Church in 1568 in a place called Devsa, which later came to be called Deussua by the Portuguese. They then put up a Christian nucleus and set up a chapel dedicated to St. Anthony. The church in Siolim is dedicated to St Anthony of Padua. The church has two steeples on the frontispiece and a statue of St Anthony holding a serpent on a leash. This is a depiction of a miracle that took place a the time the church was being constructed. As history tells it there was a serpent at that place which was hindering the construction work. The workers then prayed to St. Anthony for help and the next morning the snake was found caught in the cord placed in the statues hand.The feast of St Anthony is on the 13th of June and is celebrated with grand fervour on the sunday following the 13th. The feast is preceeded by a 13 day novena known as Trezen, attended by a large number of devotees. Thousands of people from around the region reach the location, seeking God’s blessing amidst gaiety and flair proceeded by Rezenas The renovation and beautification of the chapel had been accomplished by the year 1995, the 8th birth centenary of St. Anthony (1195-1231). For the people of South Goa, he is known as St. Antonio de Deussua.What you see today is an amalgamation of the old and new architecture. Operating Hours: Mon-Sun : 06:00 AM - 07:00 PM

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  • Sweet Water Lake

    Sweet Water Lake, North Goa, Goa, India Arambol Sweet Water Lake, Paliyem, Goa This fresh water lake is best accessible by walking from the Arambol beach. The Sweet Water Lake is a fresh-water paradise that originates in natural hot springs from within the Goan jungle. It's a short walk north from Arambol Beach. Paliem is well known amongst travellers in Goa for its sweet fresh water lake, and for the 'cleansing, sulpherous mud' that can be found around the lake. Just across the sand, the rougher sea crashes onto a rock studded beach, and dolphins can sometimes be seen on the horizon. From Arambol, the walk a bit easier. Head to the north side of the beaches where the spindly rocks mark the headland and follow a path around the shacks, stalls and cafes to Paliem. Swimming in the sweet water lake is an obvious attration of Paliem. There are a few sunbeds set up by the lake shore. The German/British run paragliding school at the top of Wagcolomb Hill behind Paliem offers 20 minute flights for around R.1200. Sweet Water Lake is also called Vagkolam. Discover the beauty and spiritual vibe of this fresh-water lagoon. Its natural hot springs will warm your feet when you enter the water.The lake is officially named Vagkolam, but Goans and travellers insist on calling it by its nickname, Sweet Water Lake. Dip your feet in the warm, fresh water. Feel the heat of the sand, which comes from the hot springs. The Sweet Water Lake can be found by the small stretch of shoreline known as Kalacha Beach. Due to its secluded location, the only way to reach the beach is on foot. It’s a short walk north from Arambol Beach. A slightly trickier footpath leads to and from Querim Beach. As one of the most talked about attractions of the Goan coast, Vagkolam should not be too hard to find: just ask the locals for directions! Avoid visiting between May and October, due to the monsoon season. The route is covered with beautiful food joints which offer pretty view of the Arambol stretch and these food joints are quite quaint. 

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