Cebu or Tanon Strait, Cebu, Cebu and Bohol

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Central Visayas region in the Philippines

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4:47 PM

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Current temprature- 30, Minimum - 27.79, Maximun - 30
scattered clouds with humidity 100% and Wind speed of 2 mph (Measured at Dumaguete).

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"Cebu Strait is sometimes called Bohol Strait. It is a strait in the Philippines that separates the island provinces of Cebu and Bohol. The Cebu Strait connects the western part of Bohol Sea with Camotes Sea. It is also a major sea-lane connecting Cebu City at its northern end with port cities in the south such as Dumaguete City and Cagayan de Oro City. There is Mactan Island, on the northern end of the strait, which has the Mactan International Airport, one of the major airports in the country. "

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