Mambacayao, Mambacayao Island, Cebu and Negros

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Mambacayao Island

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Cebu and Negros

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4:47 PM

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Current temprature- 28.3, Minimum - 26.66, Maximun - 28.35
moderate rain with humidity 100% and Wind speed of 1.05 mph (Measured at Masbate).

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Mambacayao Island is located in the Visayan Sea, between Cebu and Negros in the Philippines. It has an area of 183,281 square meters and is surrounded by cliffs, coves, wide sandy powder-white beach. It has pristine aquamarine-colored waters. One unique characteristic of the island is the shifting of sand on the beach due to the tide and changing seasons. It is ideal for fishing, scuba diving, seaweed farming, pearl farming and is also an excellent choice for retirement homes. Travel to the island is easily accessible with jump-off points from Cebu or Negros. The island is solely owned by the Mabugat family.

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