Danajon Bank, , Cebu, Leyte, Southern Leyte

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Danajon Bank Cebu, Leyte, Southern Leyte

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4:43 AM

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Current temprature- 27, Minimum - 27, Maximun - 27
broken clouds with humidity 95% and Wind speed of 4.56 mph (Measured at Masbate).

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The Danajon Bank is a double barrier reef in the Philippines. One of only six double barrier reefs in the world. A conservation project aimed at managing fisheries has been established to counteract illegal fishing and the degradation of the coral reefs including those on the Danajon Bank. Species such as Anemone fish, parrotfish, angels, wrasses, blue-edged sole, and messmate piper fish are present in the ecosystem of the Danajon Bank. Large sea fans and sponges live in the areas with deeper water, as does branch coral. The reef is also home to three endangered coral species such as the mushroom coral, bubble coral, and elegance coral. Seahorses live in the reef, and have become a popular attraction for environmentalists seeking to observe the animal in its natural habitat

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