Alang ship breaking yard, Bhavnagar

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1:50 AM

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Current temprature- 26.78, Minimum - 26.78, Maximun - 26.78
sky is clear with humidity 31% and Wind speed of 4.7 mph (Measured at Bhaunagar).

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Airports --> Airport Road Subhashnagar Bhavnagar, Gujarat 364001
Railway Station --> Madhia, Kumbharwada, Bhavnagar, Gujarat 364006

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Alang ship breaking yard, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India

Alang,North Side Road, Alang, Gujarat 364150

Alang is situated on the coast between Bhavnagar and Talaja. Alang is the India's largest ship breaking site, where supertankers, container ships, warships and other vessels are dismantled by hand by 20000 workers day and night. A huge ship takes around two to three months to pull apart. In 2002, Greenspce visited the yard posing as buyers, gathering material and photographs to support its protests against the dangerous conditions for workers at the yard and the toxic waste produced through ship breaking. Their actions have had some success. In February 2006, French President Jacques Chirac was forced to recall an asbestos-laden French ship to Europe. These protests have made it more difficult for foreign tourists to visit the yard, but authorities can be lax. A few kilometres along the road approaching the shipyard is a fascinating curious collection of junk shops selling things pulled off the ships.

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