Akola Fort, Akola

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Old City after raeshwar bridge, near rajrajeshwar temple, Akola, Maharashtra

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2:35 PM

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Current temprature- 40.6, Minimum - 23.85, Maximun - 40.6
sky is clear with humidity 18% and Wind speed of 2.37 mph.

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Akola Fort, Akola, Maharashtra, India

Old City after raeshwar bridge, near rajrajeshwar temple, Akola, Maharashtra

Akola fort (also called Asadgad).Its earliest form of mud was made by one Akol Singh to protect the village. He saw a hare chasing a dog and considering this to be an auspicious sign, he built an earthen wall here to protect the village. Akola was heavily fortified in 1697 CE during the reign of Aurangzeb by Asad Khan, from whom the fort took its name (Asadgad). In 1803, Arthur Wellesley camped here before proceeding to win the Battle of Argaon in the Second Anglo-Maratha War.[2] The fortress was dismantled by the British Raj in about 1870. It was reported in 1910 in a district gazetteer that the central part of the fort (the hawakhana) was used as a school.Akola fort is notable in that it is bereft of any decorative embellishments

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